Continuing to pursue originality and sensibility,

Through fashion, I want to convey excitement, surprise, and richness to various scenes of life.

While incorporating the trends of the times, we are developing our own world view.

Our knit is "couture knit" "

I want to make clothes with knit" I started from this.

It is a knit that is knitted with a three-dimensional pattern and carefully selected materials. In general, knitwear is a single sweater, and flat casual items are the mainstream. We have our own thread tone theory for 40 years and continue to create comfortable pattern knits. The knit stretches. It is a comfortable item even if it is not three-dimensionally tailored. Our knits are designed from drafting. Sometimes, like haute couture, we assemble a toal and create a knit while checking the comfort.

"Carefully selected materials" express the "comfort" and "design" of knitwear.

The material of knit is important. It's the "soul" of knitwear. Knit design begins with the search for good quality materials. We select materials with high rare value from among many materials in the world. We collect materials from the origin. We check each material with our own skin, and sometimes we make the original material that we want.

since 1975.